Friday, June 3, 2011

Time goes by.....

..... so slowly sometimes. I had my dr appointment May 9th, right before I left to go visit my sister. Little Bean's heartbeat was 153 and everything looked perfect and on schedule.  I have my next appointment next Tuesday, the 7th (which also happens to be my 14th wedding anniversary) and we will see. I still waver from absolutely knowing everything is fine to waiting for the impending miscarriage. My husband thinks I'm crazy and I probably will be at least until the end of the first trimester. I am now 10 weeks 6 days and it feels like the time is crawling by. I made it through my visit with my sister without telling her I was pregnant. I've been taking unisom and B6 and it almost completely wipes out my morning sickness. I still feel ill if I eat the wrong things, but that's easy to hide. I thought so many times to tell her, but something stopped me every time. I'm just not ready yet. Plus, she is at the very end of her pregnancy; she will be induced on the 8th if she hasn't gone into labor on her own.  I'll let the family enjoy the happiness of her new baby before we jump in with our news. We ended up staying an extra week on our vacation because it was just me and my little man (hubby worked the whole time) and since he is three we don't have a lot of things scheduled yet. So, we were gone for almost three weeks (I left Monday, May 9th and came home Friday, May 27th). Life has settled back into normal and I am happy to be home but I miss my sister too much. Sometimes visiting just makes the distance harder.
The pregnancy seems to be pretty normal so far. I run out of breath easily, I am weird about food, I am tired at all times, my chest has grown about an inch and a half already (my successful pregnancy I went from a B cup to a DD), my emotions are strong, and I can smell everything. I keep trying to compare this time to my successful pregnancy and my miscarriage, but it's hard sometimes to remember. I'll just keep hoping and praying for only good things.