Friday, April 15, 2011

So, it's official......

...... I've had at least ten positive pregnancy tests since Tuesday.  My period was due Saturday the 16th, but I always start testing early. I bought those test strips from Amazon where you get 50 for under $10 so I could test as much as I wanted. I'm fairly confident that I'm pregnant, but I am not confident that I won't miscarry. Part of my crazy testing after I got a positive was to see if the lines were getting darker or lighter. The lines are getting darker, but my breast tenderness has decreased and is not as constant.  Which makes me panic a little. I am trying so hard not to stress and most of the time I am successful. I'll call my doctor's office on Monday and see how soon they will let me come in to hopefully put aside my fears. I was at my parent's house yesterday and my son told my mom that we were having a baby. I hadn't told him yet (so where his idea came from I'm not sure) and my husband didn't even know yet because he was out of town for work; however, I wasn't going to tell my mom first, so I just made a joke and reminded him that it was Aunt T who is having a baby.  I guess I can plead innocence when we announce because I haven't even missed my period yet! Happy Thoughts!

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